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9th Street Bridge is my personal way of demonstrating new ways of connecting customers and products. The examples are drawn from projects that required positioning, creating new categories or conducting an analysis.   
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My blog is "Power Points".  
On twitter:  @apowerpoint
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The history
Without going in to the whole resume, my background includes everything from market research to software development to advertising.   In 25+ years I've had the privilege to apply data, technology and thinking to a wide variety of marketing challenges. This diverse and non-linear background provides an opportunity to create new strategies and innovative solutions.  
I enjoy both writing about these issues as well as public speaking talking about the history of marketing analytics and how we got to where we are today.

Some articles include:

 The presentation "Social Media is a Red Bike" is a recent addition:

The Story of the Name
9th Street Bridge is in Livingston, MT, about 50 miles north of Yellowstone National Park.   It connects the town with an island in the Yellowstone River.
When in Montana for fishing I often stroll to the bridge and watch the river flow.   Good place for thinking. 
The picture below is of the bridge from our friend Edd Enders.

9th Street Bridge

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